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Dueling Dragons - VG No. 0001

DD Series: The first guitar Virgil Mandanici built.

Silver Willow - VG No. 0002

SW Series: The first carved-top made by Virgil

Diablo - VG No. 0003

SW Series: An amazing Grafted Walnut carved-top.

Dreamcatcher - VG No. 0004

A mystical guitar with the most amazing finish!

Hanau Mua - U-001

Virgil's 1st ukulele!

Kon Tiki - VG No. 0005

The first "KT" series guitar built, with a beautiful Koa vs Ebony theme.

Poisoned Ivy - VG No. 0006

KT Series: The most incredible inlay Virgil has ever done on a guitar!

The Bridge - VG No. 0007

KT Series: A custom-built gift for a guitarist in Brooklyn, NY - boy was he surprised!

Cloud 8 - VG No. 0008

An amazing, simple KT Series quilted-top

Dogwood - VG No. 0009

Fastboy Series: This guitar is not made out of Dogwood... find out about this amazing guitar!

The Eagle - VG No. 0010

X-15T Series: An amazing custom-built grafted walnut carved-top!

Grubbworm - VG No. 0011

Custom-ordered X-15T series guitar for Todd Grubbs.

Red Head - VG No. 0012

X-15 Series: A stock build that a customer took over during the build!

Volcano - VG No. 0013

An X-15T Speedmachine with an attitude!

Katana - VG No. 0014

Custom-ordered KT series with a ghost samurai warrior.

The Kraken - VG No. 0015

Fastboy Series: First guitar built by apprentice Dominic Bonaventura

El Blanco - VG No. 0017

This is our very FIRST KT-X Series guitar!

Dragonfight - VG No. 0018

Custom-built KT Series burled redwood carved-top

Black Mamba - VG No. 0019

Custom-built KT Series quilted maple carved-top

La Pistola - VG No. 0020

Custom-built X-15 Series Flamed Maple carved-top

Time Machine - VG No. 0021

Custom-built X-15 Series Flamed Maple carved-top

Black Mass - VG No. 0022

Custom-built V-man Series

Natural Beauty - VG No. 0023

Custom-built SH(Semi-hollow) Series

Golden Eagle - VG No. 0024

An X-15 drop-top that demands attention.

Souler - VG No. 0026

Our first SC Series (Single-cut)

Star Trooper - VG No. 0027

The very FIRST KT Series with a tremolo!

Crazy Horse - VG No. 0028

A P-51 themed guitar with an attitude!

Zonnebloem - VG No. 0029

The second Virgil Guitar for guitar extraordinaire Todd Grubbs!

Alter Eagle - VG No. 0030

A guitar that will be touring the country playing Eagles music!

Swamp Thing - VG No. 0031

The FIRST guitar in the world with an entire guitar top that was inlaid and carved, aka "3D Inlay"!

Native Son - VG No. 0032

Made from Florida Rosewood, harvested locally!

Skullboy - VG No. 0034

The 3rd custom Virgil Guitar for Todd Grubbs!

Hollow Notes - VG No. 0035

Semi-Hollow Body Grafted Walnut!

Dream Machine - VG No. 0036

Stunning quilted maple on a FastBoy Series.

The Hunter - VG No. 0037

Black Limba carved-top, single-cut.

Shooting Star - VG No. 0038

Ziricote drop-top, single-cut, Texas Style.

Midnight Rider - VG No. 0039

Black Walnut SC series, built to fit!

Boots - VG No. 0040

Matte Black X-15T Carved-top!

Sycadelic - VG No. 0041

Dye-infused Sycamore drop-top, KT series

The Big Kahuna - VG No. 0

X-15T Series: A demo guitar Virgil built for himself

The Vine - VG No. 00

KT Series: Custom-built KT Series Quilted Maple carved-top Virgil made for himself/Demo

Skull Yeah - VG No. 000

Virgil's 3rd Virgil Guitar he built for himself!

Badwood Bass - VB No. 001

VB Series: The VERY FIRST Custom-built Virgil Bass!

Ugly Gus No. 1

The first guitar of the Ugly Gus series.

Ugly Gus No. 2

Our 2nd Ugly Gus guitar built by Chris Mandanici

Tidal Rave - U-002

1st Custom-built Uke!

Mai Hāʻawi Pio - U-003

Spalted Koa Uke? AWESOME!

Kauika - U-005

One of the first tenor ukes!!

Hoaaloha liʻiliʻi(Little Friend) - U-006

A beautiful Sitka Spruce top tenor ukulele!