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An artist and guitarist since the 1970's, Virgil Mandanici set out to make guitars that would be exceptional in tone & playability first and foremost. After 35 years of playing guitar, he decided it was time to make guitars that would feel, play and look better than anything he had ever played before. Virgil says:

Virgil Guitars are all handcrafted. "one-off" guitars, which means there will never be 2 guitars alike. The quality of these instruments goes beyond what most players are used to finding in their local music store. Big guitar companies will make quality instruments, but also have an eye on profit margins and the speed they figure out to mass-produce guitars. They are "cookie-cutter" guitars that are all cut out on CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines and every guitar is EXACTLY like the last one. I am not here to insult the large manufacturers. What I strive for in a guitar is the comfort in the playing and the overall tonal ranges in each instrument. It's really why I continue to build guitars. I build each guitaras if it were the last guitar I was planning on making! Having a truly unique handcrafted Virgil Guitar is not cheap, but the passion I put in these guitars speaks for itself. Read the testimonials - these are real people who happened to stumble upon what I do over the years and you will know this level of satisfaction they have. Thanks for visiting Virgil Guitars!

Virgil Mandanici Owner

Virgil is the founder of Virgil Guitars and a professional luthier/designer.

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