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Virgil Guitars in various publications

Made In Tampa Bay - Fox Tampa: October 2018/ "Virgil Guitars"

Local Fox 13 MPP Small Business Segment: December 2016/ "Virgil Guitars"

US American Made Guitars Interview: September 2016/ "Virgil Guitars Interview"

Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine: Winter/Spring 2016/ "Meet The Luthier: Virgil Mandanici"

Tampa Tribune/ April 2015/ "Renaissance man finds success as guitar builder"

Guitar Hive Magazine: May 2014/ "An interview with Virgil Mandanici of Virgil Guitars"

Tampa Bay Times: March 2014/ "Born in North Tampa, Virgil Guitars blend style, substance" (Click on the video when you get there!) Feb. 2014/ "Custom Build: The Dogwood by Virgil Guitars"

Guitar World: Sept. 2013/ "Mandanici's Best Friend"

Guitar Planet Online: Nov 30th 2012/ "Virgil Guitars Create The Most Elaborate Custom Made Guitars Ever Built!" (Click on the video when you get there!)

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