Virgil Guitars makes custom, one-of-a-kind boutique guitars in Tampa, FL.

Each Virgil Guitar is custom-built with the finest materials available to produce amazing tone, feel & playability.

The attention to detail in every Virgil Guitar is unparalleled. The accuracy is dead-on with each build, with no "mass production" concepts implemented. Each guitar has its own feel and sound, so no 2 guitars are alike. We use no CNC machines and each guitar is built with the passion of a guitarist who has been playing guitar for almost 40 years.

Virgil Guitars also makes custom wound pickups in-house to produce an amazing tone for these guitars, so you will have a unique sound that will be envied by all.

Virgil says "Each guitar has a great-feeling neck, excellent action, mondo sustain, incredible balance and phenomenal tone, it's what I searched for years in a guitar, hence the birth of "Virgil Guitars".








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